Cindy Hsu Zell is a Chinese American artist living in Los Angeles, CA. She grew up near the San Gabriel Mountains and studied sculpture and animation at the University of Southern California. Her approach to art stems from this backdrop of nature and movement as well as a deep curiosity about form, texture, and finish. Zell’s work is process and material-driven, with individual pieces serving as studies on gestures and perception. Inspired by the Light and Space movement of the 20th century, which emphasized atmospheric and sensorial experiences, her sculptures examine the playful dialogue between color, light, and shadow as they respond to, absorb, and reflect the surrounding space.


Artist Statement:

I’ve had a terrible memory for as long as I can remember. As a teenager I obsessively documented my life through diaries and planners. Even now, I maintain databases, calendars, timelines, and note-taking apps meticulously organized to catalog the books on my shelf, the shows I watch, the skincare products I use, the clothing I buy, and the places I go. I get through my day thanks to a plethora of to-do lists and reminders because if I don’t write it down, it doesn’t happen. My art practice is an extension of this pursuit to express what I can’t quite put into words.

This collection of ceramic wall reliefs is dedicated to externalizing personal observations and emotions into tangible keepsakes. Each piece memorializes something in particular: an everyday object, a small gesture, a fleeting moment, a peculiar memory, or a specific time and place. These forms are visual explorations of sentimentality, a result of my continual attempts to preserve the ephemeral.