Cindy Hsu Zell is an artist living in Los Angeles, CA. She grew up near the Angeles National Forest and studied sculpture and animation at USC. Her approach to art stems from this love of nature and movement as well as a deep curiosity about form, texture, and finish. Her work is process and material-driven, with individual pieces serving as studies on gesture and gravity.

Wall Reliefs

A series of sculptural objects exploring the process of clay sculpting as emotional and physical excavation. This collection of wall reliefs focuses on unearthing personal observations and feelings through abstract shapes carved out of wood and clay. Each piece memorializes something in particular: an everyday object, a small gesture, a fleeting moment, a shared memory, or a specific time and place.

Ceramic Arch Collection

In this collection, sculptural arches combine the fluidity of hand-spun rope with the rigidity of ceramics. Exploring various finishes, these ceramic rope arches engage with concepts of balance, gravity, and motion. Each piece comes with its own brush – an invitation for play and mindful interaction.